Chiropractic for Shoulder Pain


Load Off Your Shoulder? Try Chiropractic!

Chiropractic care is not only for the relief of back and neck pain. Many chiropractors specialize in the treatment of extremities as well as the spine. Our patients suffer with discomfort in the knees, hands, wrists, elbows, feet, ankles, and shoulders.

Are shoulder injuries common?

shoulder pain 1Shoulder injuries are extremely common. Second to the jaw, the shoulder is the most movable joint in the body, so wear and tear can happen to anyone. The shoulder joint is surrounded by muscles that allow a range of movements, but when those muscles are overworked they become fragile and susceptible to tears. In an attempt to heal, your body initially produces an inflammatory response and later lays down calcification to stabilize both the joint and surrounding soft tissue.


Which types of shoulder problems can chiropractic care help?

shoulder pain 2Chiropractors leave fractures to the M.D.s., but there are many types of shoulder conditions we can help with; bursitis, tendonitis, rotator cuff syndrome, and frozen shoulder, to name a few. Many of these conditions are accompanied by misalignment in various areas of the shoulder.

The good news is that misalignment is my speciality! Once the joints are aligned, the body is more capable of healing itself. I have adjusted extremities for over 30 years and my patients can testify that chiropractic adjustments of the shoulder work!


What are signs of inflammation and how is it reduced?

When an area is red, warm, swollen, tender and/or difficult to move due to pain, it is inflammed. Typically, applying an ice compress, bracing, or taping can help. We also use other modalities such as the electrical muscle stimulator, ultrasound, and laser, which alleviate pain as well.

Does massage help?

Massage can be very helpful. At Chiromed Healing Center, massage is used as an adjunct to help reduce muscular tension as well as increase circulation.

Are exercises part of the treatment plan?

After our assisted "passive range of motion" stretches, we teach our patients therapeutic exercises to assist in developing their full range of motion flexibility and strengthening their entire shoulder.

It is our protocol to create alignment, stability, strength, and flexibility. We accomplish this through adjustments, reduction of inflammation, increased circulation and therapeutic exercises.

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