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I am only 30 years old and have been a banquet server for 12 years. I have lived with pains that I always thought were non-repairable. Dr. Candice Davis proved me wrong. I have never felt so much relief in my life. My upper and lower back felt better than ever! She even aligned my right shoulder and I never realized how it was a problem for my mobility.

Desiree Vavak (Yelp Review)

My Dear and Sweet Dr. Davis,
Thank you for getting me out of acute pain. You accomplished what no surgeons could ever do. Your kind and professional way of explaining my diagnosis, treatment plan and patient education have also helped me understand my condition.
You are a very special lady and I love you. Thank you for being you.

Kathy Amalsad (Yelp Review)

Yikes! I cannot turn my head!! I am a fifty year old woman with a crazy busy life, four teenagers, a horse that I love to ride, I practice as an RN at a major Medical Center -enough, etc. I woke up the other morning unable to turn my head. People said I had a "crick" and it would pass...three days and I don't know how much motrin, but I was not improved. I called Dr. Davis, "Of course I can help you!!" I walked in tired and in pain. I walked out on the path to healing. After my second visit, I was pain FREE! There is nothing like constant pain to allow you to feel the elation of being pain free. Dr. Candace is not only an excellent practitioner, she provides a very holistic approach to healing. From the peaceful, soothing environment to her gentle healing demeanor, everything about her radiates her desire to restore you to well being. Dr. Candace is a credit to her profession and I feel so fortunate to have her in my life. Sincerely!!!
P.S. She's great with my kids as well!

Carole Pierce (Yelp Review)

Dr. Candace is a doctor who sees not only a patient, but a PERSON whom she cares very much to help make whole and well. She is sensitive to your painful spots and takes immediate action to help alleviate it. I always leave Dr. Candace's office not only feeling physically better, but spiritually uplifted because I feel a friend has touched me with real care and God's love. God bless her and her ministering hands!

Sister Patricia Crother (Yelp Review)

Dr. Davis,
It's always a delightful experience coming to your office. I cannot get over the positive energy that flows throughout your office.

Charisse Armstrong

Thanks again for the wonderful chiropractic treatment. My body feels much "looser" than it has for a long time. The experience has made me much more aware and appreciative of what you do for your clients.

Jean Kadzie, Certified Hypnotherapies

Thank you Dr. Davis for your expert ttreatments that allow me to function in a continuing healthy lifestyle. I can personally attest to the fact that bones and muscles do heal with consistent reatments and by applying the exercise you give. I am proud to share and refer others to such a knowledgeable and caring doctor, We both know that your caring treatments are the heart of your chiropractic practice. Best wishes for a continued growing practice.

Louise Dodson

I just started going to Dr. Davis when the medication for my migraines and tension headaches stopped working. I was skeptical about whether or not a chiropractic adjustment would help but I had to find something. I feared having to come in every other day for adjustments but it was nothing like that. In just four weeks, my tension headaches stopped and were gone. My migraines subsided tremendously. It only took a couple more adjustments per month. I can't believe I let myself wait so long to seek help.

Corby Wagner

Dear Dr. Davis,
I love coming to see you. You've created a beautiful environment in which to work- which reflects your beautiful, healing spirit and touch.

Judy Kauffman

The bomb service. Good ol' fashioned TLC. This is the first chiropractor I let adjust my neck - Dr. Candace Davis. She's got great hands, great bedside manner, thorough. I send my local clients, dancer-friends, and family here for chiropractic adjustments.
Note: the first appointment is usually about 2 hours long. Always schedule extra time for your appointment than you think. You never know what extra mis-alignments and subluxations the doc might find! Worth the wait.

Shuriu L.

Dr. Candace is a professional; the office ambiance is impeccable and relaxing, with lavish scents throughout. Dr. Candace has the ability to soothe and penetrate your sore muscles with ease and comfort: she is such a professional... going to chiromed is like entering into an oasis and once you go, you will continue to go back again and again!!!!!

Amy R.

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